Bitnopoly Rules


The game stats with all players on the "Genesis Block" square. Play order is randomly determined. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving around the board. Each time a player rolls the dice they must pay a 1% maintenance fee on all active websites owned in the game. Therefore, be careful not to hoard too many websites or your maintenace fees may become too expensive. To reduce the strain of the maintenance fee, you can mortgage your properties back to the bank, but be careful, your opponent can now buy them from the bank if he lands on them. There are 5 types of squares a player can land on.


There are three "trading modes" that can be selected on game creation. Sometimes collusion can be a problem, so we have added 2 additional trading modes to the standard mode where trading is allowed at any time. "Delayed" trading means that players are only allowed to trade once all the properties on the board have been purchased. "Off" trading mode means that trading is disabled for the entire duration of the game. When players propose a trades, they are allowed to select which properties and how many units they would like to trade with the other player.

Mortgaging Properties

You can mortgage your properties for seventy percent of their value and relaunch any of your previously mortgaged properties for the same amount. However other players who land on these properties have an opportunity to buy them as well.

Property Square

If a player lands on a property square, and its unowned, they can choose whether or not they want to buy it from the bank. If it's already owned by another players, then they must pay the owner the rent amount for that property depending on how many computers or servers are on that property.

Fee Squares

There are two fee squares on the board, "Tax Audit" and "Transaction Fee". When a player lands on these squares, they must pay the bank the amount shown.

Hash & Rand

These two types of squares allow the player to draw a card from either the stack of Hash cards or the stack of Rand cards. The player must then follow the directions on the card and either pay units, receive units, or move to a certain square.

Lazy day


Fries Electrics

Players are sent here when their computer crashes and must pay a fee to get their computer repaired, or wait a maximum of 3 turns before paying the fee. If the player can roll doubles, their computer is fixed for free and they can leave that square immediately.