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Thu Aug 29 2019

Oh Ship!

Oh Ship!

Pure Psychology



  1. Note opponent placement at end of previous game
  2. Place your ships differently …or not!
  3. Scout and Sub are hardest to find with only two and three squares
  4. In general ships placed directly adjacent are more susceptible to accidental discovery during neighbouring ship attacks
  5. ..but this also means your opponent may well avoid or reduce targeting adjacent squares to existing destroyed ships
  6. .. so variety could include placing your scout alongside a larger vessel or between larger vessels, perhaps similar with your submarine
  7. Another tactic is to put all your larger vessels close together leaving oceans of space to hide your scout and sub, a severe test for most

Search patterns

  1. Watch opponent searching tactics for predictable patterns, favourite quarters etc
  2. Don’t give too much away re your own search patterns butbe careful to minimise spaces in later game requiring extra shots to be sure of hitting the smallest remaining vessel eg 3 squares for certain hit on scout, 5 squares for sub
  3. If you’re a chess player you might like to try knight’s move pattern
  4. some players habitually avoid targeting where they’ve put their own ships, and some do the opposite… another pattern to look out for