Choose which dice to keep and which to reroll to optimize your scoring. A fun game of probabilities, risk, and reward!

Yatzy is one of the most popular pure dice games of all time. Made popular by Milton Bradley in the early 1940s under a different name (Yahtzee), this dice game is a statisticians dream! The game is played between 2 and 6 players. Players take turns rolling 5 dice and try to maximize their scores from each roll by forming certain combinations on the dice, such as a full house, or a small or large straight, or the most valuable roll of a all, 5 of a kind, also known as a Yatzy!
This game is about understanding basic probabilities and also deciding your own level of risk and reward. If you risk it all, you might end up with a 0 point turn, but if you play it safe, you’ll never hit the big scores by securing the harder combinations of large straights and Yatzys. Whatever the case may be, remember that higher rolls of 5s and 6s tend to have more long term value. Now go roll some dice and have some fun! Even a beginner can win this game with the right luck and the right rolls! .
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