World War Tips And Tricks

- Place your additional armies where you have lots of other countries already owned at the start of the game.

- Try to avoid big battles at the start of your game and let your opponents dwindle each other down.

- Smaller continents like Australia and South America are much easier to hold, but can be more hotly contested. Maybe try to slowly gain control of Africa or North America instead.

- If you see an opportunity to eliminate an opponent, go for it! Eliminating someone means you get all their cards and that can quickly steamroll you to victory.

- Form alliances so you can avoid fighting on two fronts. This is true in all wars and is probably why Hitler lost World War 2.

- Your odds on defense go up immensely when you can roll 2 dice, so try and leave at least 2 units in any countries you want to defend.

- Always roll 3 dice when attacking.

- There’s no substitute for good dice rolling. Even the best strategies can lose when the dice (and the gods) are not in your favor.