Oh Ship!Oh Ship!

Oh Ship!

Strategically place your ships on a grid so that you can find and destroy your enemy's ships before he finds yours! Can you spot a pattern in your opponent's placement?

Similar to the popular board game BattleShip, created by Milton Bradley in 1967, Oh Ship! is a 2 player game where each player tries to sink all of his opponent’s ships before losing their own. Although most people see this as a purely luck based guessing game, nothing could be further from the truth. Stats have shown that players can obtain win rates far above that of 50% by employing various ship placement strategies and through pattern recognition of their opponents ships.
The great thing about Oh Ship! is that it is truly “fun for all ages.” Adults can use advanced strategies and guessing patterns, while kids have a lot of fun just trying to sink their opponents ships. See if you can escape the trappings of your own mind to truly employ a patternless ship placement arrangement.
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