Dominoes Tips And Tricks

- Learn to do the math quickly in your head. Look for combinations that give a multiple of five.

- Remember to keep track of the outstanding tiles.

- When your opponent draws a tile from the boneyard, this gives you key information as to what he’s missing in the rest of his hand. Force him into a situation where he must draw more tiles.

- If you have the lead, try to play a tile worth ten points ([5-5] or [4-6]). Otherwise, play a double that lets you control one of the arms.

- The highest possible score for a single turn is 35 points. This can occur when you have [6-6], [5-5] and [4-4] tiles on the ends of three arms and a tile which shows a 5 on the fourth arm.

- The smaller the total you leave to the next player, the less points he can make from it.

- Remember there are three major strategies to employ when playing All Fives. You can play to score, to block or to domino.

- Remember that being the one to empty your hand first (domino) does not always guarantee you the most points in that hand. Try to ensure that the arms are populated with numbers that you have a lot of so that you will not be blocked on your own turn.