Popular All Fives variant of dominoes. Place tiles such that the ends are a multiple of 5 to score. The first player to reach 200 (or 400) points wins!

Dominoes likely originated in China nearly a couple thousand years ago. The more common form that is seen today likely began between the 14th and 16th century in Europe. Just about all forms and variants of dominoes involve rectangular tiles (bones) with a center line dividing each tile into two different sides. On each side is a series of dots (pips) representing the numbers zero through six. Players start by placing all the tiles face down (into the boneyard) and then randomly drawing tiles to form their hand.
Players alternate turns by placing tiles on the board or table such that the pips must equal the number of pips on the adjacent tile. The goal of the game is to score points and to empty ones hand. When tiles can’t be played, players must draw more tiles from the boneyard.
Scoring and rules all depend on the variant being played. On Gambit, the popular variant known as "All Fives" is used. To learn more about how to play All Fives dominoes, please read our rules section.
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