Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gambit?
Gambit is a multiplayer gaming platform offering skill-based strategy games. Players compete for leaderboard rankings, awards, and the overall distinction of genius gamer!
How do I start a game?
When you're ready to play, choose which game you would like to play from the homepage. Select your parameters, click on "Create Game", and once enough players have been found then the game will start!
How is rating and rank calculated?
Gambit uses an ELO rating system to determine your skill in each game. The higher your rating, the higher you will climb on the leaderboard. Each player has a separate rating for each game as well as an overall Gambit rating.
What browser should I use?
The best browser is Chrome, followed by a close second with FireFox. About 2 miles behind that is safari, and then about 2 lightyears behind that is Internet Explorer. The site should still work ok, but be sure to have the latest IE. If you're trying an old version of IE, don't get upset if the site just flat out doesn't work at all.
How do the clocks/timers work in the games?
Each game has a clock to ensure players take their turns in a reasonable amount of time. In most games on our site, you are given a "time bank". For some games, this time bank value is 100 seconds, in other games it's only 30 seconds. You also are given a grace period anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds per turn. Once your grace period is used up, your time bank will start to count down. If your time bank ever reaches 0, your opponent may force forfeit you from the game. Pay close attention to your time bank and as long as you play at a reasonable pace, you should always have plenty of time.
Are the dice really random?
Gambit has no reason to use anything other than truly random dice. We use the standard javascript random functions to generate a random number between 1 and 6 for each die rolled. We even built a page where you can run simulations to test just how random our dice really are.
Still have questions or comments?
We encourage you to direct your questions directly to our players using our built-in chatroom. More specific or technical questions may be answerable by one of our player moderators. If further assistance is required, or a moderator is not available, please submit your questions and requests through our support site.